Nuxt.js Preview failing on Netlify

Hi @Phil
I'im also using nuxtjs with target is static to deploy on netlify server
But preview not working, return 404 page always
but I did test on my localhost then working fine

Hi Hung,

Welcome to the community!

Can you tell me if you have this fallback set up for Netlify in your Nuxt.config?

Are you using the @prismic/nuxt module?

Hi @Phil
Yes, Im using the @nuxtjs prismic module with fallback settup as like above
Please tell me know if it is wrong? Or I need to change any thing? Thanks! ^^

This issue is due to @nuxt/ufo which is a new URL handling helpers that got introduced in nuxt@2.14.12. Everyone that installed this patch since its release (16th of December) and before the 6th of January inherited the bug which has now been fixed with @nuxt/ufo@^0.5.3

To fix this issue users need to run npm update or yarn upgrade , this will bump the package version and fix it :slight_smile: (If this doesn't work, delete the package-lock.json & node_modules then run npm i)

I dont think so because my local is working and only not working when deploy it on Netlify
So strange

Did you check your version of ufo?

I didn’t see ufo in package json file :confused:

It should be in the package-lock.json

"@nuxt/ufo": {
"version": "0.5.4",
"resolved": "",
"integrity": "sha512-JZOGDlt2BvLCBmLhrchhRJ6tP9PBfSWLdsHC+JVJ5Qp8/hT/2u61cSsLS30zUOwcPRaQ3y2oHNkEiKJ5v90iEQ==",
"dev": true

"version": "0.5.4" but it's still not working :blush:

and as I mentioned it was worked when I preview by localhost with mode dev
And not only working when I deploy to Netlify with mode Prod ( nuxt generate)

Hi Hung,

I'm very sorry I'm only getting back to you now. This got lost in my backlog.

Can you send me a zip or Github link to your project so I can test this for you and try and debug?


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