Nuxtjs prismic previews for specific pages

Hi all,

I managed to get the previews up and running, thanks for making it easy to connect up.

However, when I make some edits and save, and press the view icon, my previews always redirect me to my root/home page Let's say I am having a blog subdirectory, and whenever I update my page, I want to preview that particular page on my site, so the exact URL to test would be

I want to immediately preview how that individual page looks like... How do I go about doing this?

Hi Gabriel,

It sounds like you haven't updated your linkresolver so your application can't find the correct document. You can read about this and other common tripping points here:


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Hi @Phil , thanks for getting back.

For anyone in future looking for a hint, I had an empty link-resolver.js due to this tutorial (Installation - @nuxtjs/prismic). The link that @Phil posted above contains the one that should be used instead to redirect your previews.

Perhaps this can be better noted in the documentation :slight_smile:

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Hi @Phil , sorry for re-opening this thread. I thought this was particularly related to this exact thread.

I managed to setup previews and it works great for saved and published pages (I get an immediate refresh of the data inside the preview).

However, I seem to run into the issue of 404 page not found error, when I try to create a new page and preview it. I suspect this could be because my NuxtJS site is statically generated. Do you think I could get some advice on this? (I'm using preview with Netlify similar to the documentation, and when I create a new blog post, it couldn't find that new route.)

Edit: Going from to seems to work, but directly entering the new test post throws the "page not found" error. Are there any ways around this?

Managed to find my answer here, for anyone else looking!

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Glad you worked this our :slight_smile: