API Browser not founding Alternative Languages UID


My blog is written in Brazilian Portuguese "pt-br", and I also have some articles written in "en-us". When I tried to query this document, my webpage returned an error 404, indicating the document was not found.
Upon further investigation, when I tried to query this "uid" directly from the Prismic API Browser, to my surprise, it wasn't found.
Can anyone help me?

Hi @gomesdanil,

The API Browser is missing a few features it its UI, including support for locales. The workaround when querying a document that isn't in your repository's main locale is to add the locale to the URL after you've run your query.

In your case, you would either add &lang=en-us or you could use the wildcard to retrieve documents in any language: &lang=*.

Once you add that to the URL, your documents should appear in the results. Note that if you make any modifications to your query, you'll likely need to add this back in the URL again.

Give this a try and let me know if it works.