I'm trying to migrate content from the prod repository to my lab repository via API migration. It's complaining about the JSON format when I try to migrate...

What's the purpose of the migration API if I have to manually fix the format for all my documents?

There must be a smoother way?

Export job:

My import job:

Hi @chawder.ahrtyn. You shouldn't need to fix the format, you should be able to use the queried JSON directly. What is it complaining about?

I can only see that I'm getting a bad request (400) without any details. I have cleared the lab repository of all data/custom post-types so that it doesn't cause any conflicts, but I'm still getting a bad request.

My lab repository is now completely empty, no documents and no post types. I'm trying to migrate data from another repository and I get status 400 with the status text "Bad Request".

Does the repository that you're migrating to have your exact content models from the original?

Yes, it does. Let me give you some background to make things clearer.

Our website is built with Gatsby and the old Prismic. We're currently rebuilding it with Next 14. That's when we got in touch with Slice Machine and the new page builder. When I started experimenting with our lab repository, I noticed that we began losing data during the migration. We then decided not to touch our production repo until we're completely comfortable with Slice Machine and the page builder.

We rebuilt the entire project in a couple of days, but migrating data has taken a few weeks now. I've worked with other CMS before, but it's never been this complicated and unclear, unfortunately.

We urgently need help with this. Our website is visited by many daily, and we absolutely cannot afford to lose production data. We hope to get assistance or a guide soon on how we can migrate data smoothly.

Hi @chawder.ahrtyn

I'm Alaina, the Product Manager responsible for the Migration API.

Can you (via private message) please provide us with an example of your entire json request to the Migration API so our team can take a deeper look at why you are receiving this error?

Also, if you're willing to provide specific feedback around the particular points that have made this difficult for you or prompted you to look for support and guidance, it would help us to make the migration experience more smooth in the future.