Prismic import feature is too slow! like 15 min or more everytime

Hi we are using prismic import and its super slow!!!
i have been trying to reach since last week, can someone help us with the issue
our repo details:

Hi Nick,

Would you be interested in using our migration API beta instead?

How many documents are you trying to import?


Hi Phil
Thanks for the response, we are using old slice and we read in the migration api that it is not supported,
do you have any plans in future to make the migration api support old slice?

Hi Nick,
I'm the Product Manager on the squad working on the Migration API here at Prismic.

We have actually just recently released legacy slice support for the Migration API, our documentation is not yet updated to reflect the most recent change.

I will contact you via email with details on the Migration API now.


Thank you Alaina, Looking forward to the email
:) Thanks !
but can any of you answer why prismic import is slow and not working as expected? if there is any solution :)

I'm not seeing anything in our logs as to why your import/export is slow. How many documents are you importing?

Like even one document, still it takes so much time :)

I'll check if I can get more info on what could be the issue

Thank you so much ! very much appreciated :)

Hi Alaina
May be there was a problem, but did you manage to send the email for the migration API details :)
I dint receive them yet but we are too curious as its exactly what we need

Hi Mahalakshmi,
I sent over the details last Wednesday to the email address you used to sign up for the Migration API waitlist, as well as to Nick's email address. I just forwarded it again now. If you still don't receive it, please write me at to confirm with me which email address to send it to.


Hey Alaina
Thank you so much, I read the email, I have few questions ,I will write from :)

Hello, we also experience very very slow import with Prismic since a couple of weeks. It really creates an issue with the way we operate our website.
Several hours to upload 10 Prismic documents... (Update: Currently 10 hours elapsted, and still loading...)
At this pace, it isn't sustainable. The export is also very much slower compared to few months in the past.
Can you please fix these ASAP? Thanks

Hi team,

I am trying to export all documents from my Prismic repository, but it's been a day and it's currently stuck on "We are currently preparing your snapshot. You will be notified by email once it's done.

Hi, we have the same problem. Export has been going on for 4 days on our repositories... and we are still waiting :)

Hi Everyone,

The team is aware of some ongoing performance issues with the import/export feature and are investigating. Once we know more we'll get back to you :pray:

p.s. for anyone who would like to go straight ahead and try the migration API instead, please let me know and we can activate that for you :slight_smile:


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Imports should be back to normal now :slight_smile:

We would like to deprecate import/export soon in favour of the migration API. So reach out if you would like to try it: