Migration API short migration timeframe from Import/Export tool

Hello there,

I have some concearns about the limited timeframe for the deprecation on the Import/Export functionality and the migration to the new Migration API.

The new migration API is currently under closed beta which means that there's a waitlist and a key is required to use/test the new API. Considering that and the fact that the Import/Export tool will be deprecated on 30th April, don't you think it is a very short timeframe to perform the full migration? What is the queue time to receive an API key? Is there plans for an open beta? I've applied on Friday (22nd March) but I'm still waiting for the key.

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Hi @henrique ,

In terms of availability, the Migration API is currently in Beta and requires an API key to access.

However, admin users of all Prismic repositories have access to a demo key via the menu item "Migration Release", it is available when you click "Try Migration API". along with instructions on how to make your first request.

For lower request volumes and for setting up and testing the Migration API, this demo key should already be sufficient.

We are updating the documentation and I will also add this to the FAQ on transitioning to Migration API so that it is clear a demo key is already available without the waitlist.

In cases where you anticipate large bulk updates or creation of hundreds of new documents and require a more stable rate limit, it's best to request a key via the waitlist, as you have done.

Generally, it takes around a week to get a key via the waitlist - I will be sending you and other users who signed up last week a key during the next days.

Aside from this, I appreciate that it can be challenging to implement this change by April 30.

Can you share some more info about your specific concerns or what you see as the biggest challenge currently, as we are in the process of putting together some tools to assist in the transition and can incorporate your feedback.


Hello Alaina,

Thank you for clarifying that. We didn't know that we could use the demo key. We will test and make the integration using that key, while we wait for the closed beta key.

Our major concern is not sufficient time to develop a robust system and test the changes thoroughly. We are building an automatic process that will automatically create new documents on Prismic after being triggered by an event. This needs to be properly tested and ready to go live when the migration tool has been deprecated because we use the tool on a daily basis and it is a crucial part of our business workflow.

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The FAQ includes this mention:

### Will the Migration API support all my import needs?

Yes, the API can do everything Import/Export could, including support for integration fields, legacy slices, and localized content.

However, I checked the documentation but could not see any reference to it. The Migration API seems to have lost the ability to set release name? Sorry if I missed it.

In our organization, one or more documents can be updated/localized/modified in the context of a project.
Until now, the import tool was handling it well because we would set the release name with a context information (e.g. JIRA ticket ID), so anyone jumping in Releases would easily understand what a particular release is about, e.g. and would know when to publish it. Why is this not supported? If it is, how to do it?

Needless to say, without it, it will be quite a mess to keep our release process clean and efficient.
Please help.


Thank you for the context on how your company has been using releases with import/export.

The migration API puts all migrated content into one bucket, the migration release.

To differentiate the content, for instance in order to designate something as part of a specific Jira ID, you could use a tag on the documents created/updated via the API instead, and then use the filter and bulk publish option on the migration release page.


I just notice a very unfortunate fact: it's not possible to preview specific pages in the "Migration release" page in order to ensure they are well-formed prior to publishing...
For example, if I click the button "Preview" on the right side, then it will default to open a new tab to preview "the page listed on top of the list"). Is it a known issue? Is this on Prismic UI's side, or on ours?
I can't open anymore a specific page in this release page and preview it. I also can't click an open a specific page. Rows can only be selected to be published or archived. This regression is very problematic and makes publishing changes a risky matter.
Can you please tell me, and the rest of the community what's the status for the below items:

  • Re-introducing the capability to preview specific pages in the "Migration release" page
  • Allow via Migration API the capability to group pages under separate releases (see my previous comment)

Just to point, the FAQ on migration API states the following, but that's already two major features that are gone, and lost for users.

Will the Migration API support all my import needs?

Yes, the API can do everything Import/Export could, including support for integration fields, legacy slices, and localized content.

Even though we believe that the migration API is a great overall improvement over import/expert because it allow more programmatic management of our pages, but please, you have to admit that missing these critical workflow/productivity features is not helping in transiting Prismic users from the old way to the new way.

Hello @nabla

The ability to view and edit individual documents in the Migration Release is available through our new PageBuilder, an enhancement not supported by the legacy editor. If you have transitioned to using the PageBuilder for your repository, you can enjoy the familiar functionalities of viewing, editing, and previewing individual documents directly as you are used to with releases.

Additionally, the Migration Release screen provides a preview functionality allowing you to view the 20 most recent documents simultaneously, mirroring the behavior found in the release preview screen (see the screenshot)

Our goal with the Migration Release is to streamline the import and publishing process of a high volume of documents, addressing the challenges previously experienced with the 200-document limit in the Import/Export tool. Plans are in place to increase this limit beyond the current threshold of 1,000 documents in the near future. As mentioned in my previous post, while the Migration Release screen does not offer multiple release creation, it does offer various filter options for organizing and labeling documents created or updated via the Migration API.

I understand that your need to rename and separate releases is related to managing your internal workflows. We are exploring ways to integrate workflow management features into the PageBuilder, aiming to enhance approval and review processes in the future. We believe this approach promises a more universal solution to workflow management compared to the multiple releases format used in the past.

Thank you for sharing valuable feedback on your use case with us and helping us continue to improve the content migration process.