Migration Release disappeared

I've been working on importing some documents using the Migration API beta. I'm not signed up to the private beta (but I have joined up to the wait list) but have been using the demo key as the documentation explains.

I've created a few documents and published, then created some test ones and deleted them, then finally ran a full migration run for a single document type (approx. 250 documents), but now the Migration Release page doesn't show the documents.

I know the documents exist as I stored the document ids returned, and if I try to recreate a new document with the same uid, I get an error message stating the document already exists.

Is there any way to either see the migration release, or delete the existing documents so they can be recreated into a new release?

Hi Rhydian,
We had an issue with the Migration API today that should now be fixed.

Could you please check your repository again to make sure the documents are still not appearing in your migration release?
And could you additionally please check if your documents have been created in the document list instead?

If not, can you contact me directly with at least one of your document uid that you are unable to recreate via the API so I can dig a bit deeper on our side to see what may have happened? Thanks.

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Hi Alaina,

The documents have appeared again and I've managed to publish the release.