Api_parsing_error when using prismic python api

I am using prismic with python api
my code is
prismic_api = prismic.get('https://my-user-name.prismic.io/api','')
prismic_api.get_by_uid('test_type', 'test_type')
I have a custom type named test_name and document with it uid test_doc and name test_doc
but when I enter command

prismic_api.get_by_uid('test_name', 'test_doc')
i get the below error

prismic.exceptions.HTTPError: Got an HTTP error 400 ({"type":"api_parsing_error","message":"[function at(..)] unexpected field 'my.test_name.uid' on line:1 col:11 in query '[[:d = at(my.test_name.uid, "test_doc")]]'\n[[:d = at(my.test_name.uid, "test_doc")]]\n ^\n","pos":{"line":1,"column":11,"id":0,"location":"query"}})

Hello @asreearm1729, have you tried doing a get-all query to see if the API responds correctly? Something like: any(document.type, ["'test_name"]).

The Python kit is very out of date. I'd recommend you use a different dependency to query the API.