Hi, could someone help me?

using the url provided by "next_page" I can't call the next page, even though I add the "access_token" to the url


   "type": "api_parsing_error",
   "message": "']' expected but '[' found on line:1 col:2 in query '[[at(document.type,+\"post\")]]'\n[[at(document. type,+\"post\")]]\n ^\n",
   "pos": {
     "line": 1,
     "column": 2,
     "id": 0,
     "location": "query"
url - REST API
https://*********.cdn.prismic.io/api/v2/documents/search?ref=YY_-0REAACEAI-wJ&access_token=MC5ZWXB0WWhNQUFDTUF4Mnp6.BBojdEBO77-977-977-977-9YzEe77-977- 9WENkHe-_ve-_vQHvv71_Le-_vQdKVe-_vWQX&q=%5B%5Bat%28document.type%2C+%22post%22%29%5D%5D&page=2&pageSize=2&fetch=post.title%2Cpost.subtitle%2Cpost.content.author%2 %2Cpost.banner

Hi Clayton,

The 'next_page' field is currently broken and that's why it's not documented in our docs.

Can you tell me what technology you're building your web application in and will recommend how to create this functionality in your project?


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