API response is not updating immediately after publishing.it takes about 30 minutes to update.why?

I published some content.But it is not updating in api response.it is updating after like 30 minutes or what. Iam not sure why is that happening.the api response in browser api is also not updating immediately. Why??

Which browser are you using?

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Its not about the browser.Its not even updating in API browser. How ever i use chrome.

I got the same problem. My content is not updated when I publish changes.
Also the changes do not appear in the API-Browser.

Please help!

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Yes!! Is that because any issue with prismic server??

Same here, I’ve just tested. It must be some system down. I can’t seem to find a status page anywhere.

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Yea… It was working fine till last day. Today something happened. I thought some issue with my connection. Now i understood it is from prismic only.

I found the status page, but nothing there about that: https://status.prismic.io

Yes, until yesterday everything worked fine. It has to be an issue with Prismic servers…


Hi @najeeb & @shambles, I just took a look and everything seems to be working correctly for me. Are you making sure to update the API ref after publishing changes when testing on the API Browser? To make sure you’re using the most up-to-date ref, you can press the refresh button:

When you run your query after doing this, are you still not receiving the new content?

Yes, I already refreshed 100+ times with that button. The API Browser still doesn’t show the updates…

I also tested on 2 separate accounts and 2 separate projects!

If that is the case,Then what about the api response in website?
I am afraid to post a test content because it is only getting deleted after 30 minutes from when i actually delete. Dealing with live websites is really hard because of this!!

@levi we are at least 3 different people having the same problem at the same time. This has to be a real issue with your servers.

Please investigate further :pray:

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I’m not sure what the issue might be, so I’ll pass this over to the @team-tech-support to investigate.

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It’s just started working again for me. This time it was an instant update.

Not for me. I published one more content right now.its not showing up!!

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Negative, doesn’t work for me either. :-1:

It still takes 15 minutes to update…

Now its got updated. See the time delay!!!
Now it will take another 15 min to delete this!!!

Please solve this issue @team-tech-support

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Now only it got deleted!!
exact 15 minutes. Are you guys having any timer behind?

Exactly 15 minutes for me too. Just tested!

Hi @najeeb, @shambles & @marcellothearcane,
We fixed the issue, it was related to our internal caching system.
It only impacted some repositories.

Your publications should be working now.