The changes is not reflect immediately in API response

Hi team. I noticed that the API response will show previous data even if new data is saved and published. Is there anything else I need to do in order to clear the cache?

Hello @Jia,

Thanks for posting this to us.

Are you caching the Master ref? If so, that can be a reason the change is not reflecting. The Master ref change every time whenever you make any changes/publish content. So we don't recommend caching the master ref.
Can you see the updated API response in the API browser? Here is a documentation to use API browser: The Rest API Browser - Documentation - Prismic


Hello @Priyanka

We do not cache the response. I refer to the response we retrieve from the Network tab, and it also doesn't reflect immediately. It has to take about 1- 2 days (I noticed it updated over the weekend) to update the data. What could be the possible reason?

@Priyanka It appears to be working now - we did not make any changes to the code, but the API appears to have reflected the changes immediately.

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@jia Thanks for the update.