Document changes not reflected in API response


Whenever we make changes to existing documents, the API doesn’t display these changes and it usually takes a few hours for them to appear. For one of our documents, we changed an image and it has been 24 hours that the new image URL hasn’t appeared in the API response.

We even tried the Prismic API browser and it has the same issue so it’s nothing to do with caching on our end.

Hi Ali,

Welcome to the community, I’ll be happy to help you.

So I can investigate can you send me in a private message here:

  1. Your repository URL
  2. The custom type and UID of the document where you change the image.
  3. The API ID of the image field.

Once I have this I can look in to the issue.


Hey @dev4,

Moving this back public so my team can help.

So I made a test clone of your repo to debug this and i was able to update the image write away.
This would suggest maybe it’s a application side issue.

How are you passing the master ref in your project?

Resolved: Document was being ‘saved’ but not ‘published’ so the API was never updated.