Artist portfolio page size questions

Hello, I am developing my painting portfolio site.

My website(still developing)

I have 700+ more images I already uploaded to prismic; however, it only showed 100 images on the page.

I found this information
**pageSize **
This option defines the maximum number of documents that the API will return for your query. It accepts a number. The default is 20, and the maximum is 100.

I wonder how I can show more than 100 images same page.
Please let me know your help appreciate it!
Thank you.

Hello @sho, the pageSize query ordering allows you to retrieve a fixed amount of results in your API's JSON. With it, you can control the number of documents you get in a given query. This is different from the number of images existing inside a document. If you query for a single document that has +100, a single query will be enough to retrieve all of the images. Let me know if this is clear.

Thank you so much for your response @Pau . Please allow me to ask for more clarification.
How could I show all documents (around 500) from Prismc with only one request?
For instance current website, I only show the 100 documents limit now, even pagesize:1000. I want to show the whole 500 documents on one page.
Also, under the Filter, there are only show 100 documents. There must be older archive documents that are not able to show…..
Please let me know if that is clear. Thank you again for your help.

You can use any get all method from @prismicio/client. By default, the maximum page size is 100 documents. The response includes pagination information and an array of document objects. You can extend this to any number you need

You can't query archived documents. They don't appear in the API response.