Auto delete documents based on expiry date

We are using prismic for localising and pushing messages to our app. Some of those messages have a time based element (expiry). Is there a way on the prismic side to automatically delete those messages when the date expires?

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This is entirely possible. You can schedule documents to be unpublished as part of a release. You can read more about that here:


Thanks Phil.

we tried with unpublishing - but our issue is that we don't want a load of unpublished documents sitting there. We want to delete them, as with the way we are using them there will be thousands of irrelevant, unpublished documents sitting there. Is permanently deleting them possible in the same way that unpublishing them is?



When they are unpublished they should be moved to the 'archived' section, this means it wouldn't be moved to the 'in work' section and block this up. Your content writers won't see these documents unless they purposefully go to the 'archived' section.

As for deleting them permanently from the 'archived' section, unfortunately this would need to be done one by one. Though bulk actions is something that we are investigating at the minute.

I really appreciate the advice. Thanks so much.

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