Can Prismic unpublish content at a specific time/date?

Hi there! I am using Prismic to publish a maintenance message to my mobile app on a scheduled date. However, I want the message to come down at a certain time. If I can schedule for Prismic to publish content at a specific time/date, can I have Prismic unpublish/take down the same content at a specific time/date as well? Thanks!

Hi @paulinenguyen,

Thanks for reaching out about this. It's possible that you can schedule content to be removed, but it would depend on how you have things set up.

  1. If you need to remove content from a document that will persist, then you can schedule the message to be published, and then create another scheduled change that removes it.

  2. If you need the entire document in Prismic to be scheduled for a publish and an unpublish, unfortunately, this can't be done. You can only schedule an unpublish once a document has been published. If this is what you need, then you'll have to set a reminder to yourself once the message has been published to schedule it to be removed.

Let me know if you have any questions about this.

Hi Levi! Thank you!

Specifically, my situation is a website maintenance message. It sounds like I can set up a document. I create the content on the document.

I can set up the message content so that it publishes at a certain date/time. I can also schedule the date/time of the content to be unpublished.

However, the document stays published. It is the content itself that is scheduled for publishing and removal. Is that correct?

Thank you!

@paulinenguyen Yes, that's correct.

Thank you! Is there documentation or a FAQ page that teaches me how to do that? I tried to do it on an existing page and I couldn't see how to access this type of setting. Thank you!

Yes, there is documentation on how to schedule publications like this:

It could be, though, that your repo has the new content editor which doesn't support scheduled publications yet. In that case, you can switch back to the legacy editor to schedule the publications.