Autogenerate IDs in a Different Case (button_label -> buttonLabel)

Is there a way to change configurations so Slice Machine can auto generate IDs in a different case. For example currently creating a field called Button Label creates the id button_label. Is there some sort of global configuration I can access to choose camelCase?

Hi @avaneeshsamsi

Thanks for writing. Today this configuration is not available in Slice Machine, but we took note of this need. Why would you need camelCase instead of snake_case?

No reason really. Definitely not a priority. But it’s a convention I’ve been following so I was wondering if there was a global sort of configuration that prismic exposes

I understand :) Thanks for your quick answer. We'll put an update here when we reopen this topic for a future improvement.

Have a good day!

I have additional infos to provide you here that may unlock you. The main reason why camelCase is not the default today is that our GraphQL API doesn't support it and will not render the fields if you use it. But if you don't use the GraphQL API then you can just edit directly the ID of your fields and it will work.

Like that (with an image field) :