Backup & Restore

Hi all,

I'm just exploring things and I would like to know

  1. Can we manually do backup & Restore?.
  2. Can we do import & export? or copy some content from one repo to another
  3. Can we able to duplicate or copy paste anything from content UI.
  4. Revert any deletion in content UI

Thanks in Advance

Hello @sharukkan.m

Thanks for reaching out to us. I'll be happy to answer your questions.

You can manually back up your content by querying all the documents the API exposed. This will back up all your content stored in the Prismic repository except for drafts, archived documents, or assets not linked to a document. This manual backup process must be performed regularly to ensure you have the most up-to-date content backup. You can set up a schedule to perform backups at regular intervals or perform them manually as needed.

You can export all published documents from one repo and import them into another repository. Learn more about Import/Export here. The Import/Export tool is available starting on the Medium Plan. More about pricing.

You can duplicate a document by clicking on a duplicate button. It will create an instance of the document.

If the document is in the archived state, you can revert it back. Once the document is permanently deleted, it's not possible to revert it back. Learn more about it in the following guide:

FYI, Prismic offers the Environment feature to clone the entire repository. Environments involve creating clones of your repository. This feature is included with all Enterprise plans and is available as a paid option on yearly Platinum plans paid via invoice. To enable this feature, please reach out to our Sales team.

Let me know if you have any further questions.