Bad url when exporting one article


I've an issue with the url that prismic gave me when i export my articles. The article in question :

And the url priscmic gave me :[[%3Ad+%3D+at("YCo7FRMAAB8ArE-7")+]]


Hello @jflegac, welcome to the Community!

Where are you getting these links from?
Are you using the import/export feature?
Could you please give me more details about your use case and the issue you're encountering?


Hi @Paulina ! Thanks !

I use the api endpoint ( to request all articles.

error export - Album on Imgur

Thanks for sending over the URL of your repo.

I suppose the screenshot you sent me is the API response, so could you tell me where these links are being generated incorrectly?
Are you trying to use any of these endpoints to query the API, or are they being retrieved like this from the response?

Any additional information can be useful to understand your use case better


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