Import / Export page is blank

Hi, I'm tryed to import some documents with reference to 200 compressed json's. ISome of them had links to images that I expected the Prismic platform to download them and substitute the url as usual. But what actually happened, was that it said that there were 52 files with errors while the other files were still loading.

After a while I left the platform, when I came back, the page was totallly blank. Now I cant import or export nothing.

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Well, in fact, Prismic will not fetch the images linked in the documents except if those images reside in the same zip file.

And regarding the errors you are getting, the Import/Export feature lists for you the errors on the same page.

If that doesn't help to solve the issue, then can you please share me (in a private message if necessary) along with your repository name so that I try to reproduce the errors.

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It seems I gave some wrong info here, In fact, if there are some links for external images, then The import feature will download those images and add them to your media library as mentioned in this article

Importing images along with Import jobs

If you're importing documents that contain images, just provide the path of the images in your JSON files. The importer will download the files from the provided URL or local file path, add them to your repository’s media library, and attach them to the corresponding field in the document you're importing.

The prismic team have fixed my issue, thank's for your help.

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Thanks for letting us know, it would be great if you can share with the community the solution for this issue.


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