Can't import documents

Example of a document to import:

  "uid": "uk-tax-guide-3000",
  "title": "UK Tax Guide 3000",
  "lang": "en-df"

What I've done:

  1. Added to .zip file → didn't find document automatically → inserted name manually → imported successfully

  1. Checked imported document → no data

Here is an example of one of the documents which I've exported from Prismic to check the JSON structure: (1.4 KB)

Hello @igrvs

Welcome to the Prismic forum community and thanks for reaching out to us.

This issue is coming because you might be directly compressing a folder, not the ZIP files.
If you have compressed a folder containing JSON files you'd like to import, the import won't work. You need to ZIP the files directly and not a folder.

I am looking forward to hear back from you.


got it, thanks!

  1. i'm still having the issue with no data presented for the imported document (screen № 2). I didn't face any eror during the import.
  2. how to import the list of JSONs?

Hello @igrvs

To answer your questions:

  1. Are you looking in correct locale?
  2. You need to select all the JSON files and compress them directly. Do not compress the folder they are in. Directly select all the files and compress them.

You can share your repo name with me via a private message so I can have a look.


  1. I guess, yes.
  2. Thanks!

I'll share via private message.

Hello @igrvs

I have checked with your repository and can reproduce the same error. I have submitted the issue to my dedicated team. I will let you know once I hear back from them.


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Hello @igrvs

Can you check? It should work now.