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I'm having trouble debugging my import zip file.

If I export all my docs and try to re-import that same file, it works fine. However if I take a handful of those docs and copy them to a new folder, zip it, and re-upload, it says it can't find any documents.

I came about this while trying to debug errors in my import process which I initially thought was due to improper mapping of fields. The error described above however seems to indicate that maybe there's something wrong with the zip file itself?

I can share the docs & zip files with you if need be!



Hi Austin,

Thanks for contributing to the Prismic community.

It would be great if you can share with me in a private message your repository name as well as the Zip file you are trying to import.

Looking forward to your reply,

I believe I sent you my info. Let me know if you got it!

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Thanks, I've got the files.


So I have investigated this issue and it turns out that it is a common issue.

in fact, If you have compressed a folder containing JSON files you'd like to import, the import won't work. You need to ZIP the files directly and not a folder.

I've tested this on a clone of your repo and it works, can you please confirm?

Looking forward to your reply,

This turned out to be the correct solution!

Had to zip within the containing folder to get it to work.

Sorry for the late reply, but much thanks for your quick response!

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