Failing Imports

I have been stuck battling the import feature after the initial upload passes the JSON validation tests. I receive the message "Ok, you're ready to import your documents!" and click the "Import now!" button. Then I see the message "Uploading medias, this may take some time" and "Checking" next to each document. This sits here for about 20-30 minutes and never imports. It eventually stops and shows the same message "Ok, you're ready to import your documents!"

How can I get some information about why this is failing and/or what should be done to get the import to complete?

Hey @Jeremy_Burton ,

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Thanks for sharing this error! I haven't seen it before. Could you tell me your repo name and send me the ZIP file that you're trying to import? I'll take a look to see if I can spot any issues.


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@samlittlefair (498 Bytes)

Here is a sample zip folder with just one .json file that passes initial upload and scan but will just spin on "Importing medias, this may take a while..."

The repository is FCA

Thanks, @Jeremy_Burton. I'll take a look on Tuesday and let you know what I find out :slight_smile:

Hey @Jeremy_Burton ,

I believe the issue is your empty image URL string:

"image": { "origin": { "url": "" } },

I believe that causes imports to hang. You must specify a path for the URL. Try adding a valid URL value and let me know if it helps.


@samlittlefair Yes, I eventually found that and removed and it worked. I'd say the frustrating part is that when I first imported the zip folder no errors were found and I was allowed to begin the import. However, the import would never work and it would sit there for about 20 minutes with a message "Importing medias..." and then never give an error message of any kind. It would just be a little more helpful if it prevented that from happening as there was no way for me to know why the import was failing and I had to wait roughly 20 minutes before attempting to import again as there is no way to cancel the import once it starts.

Hey @Jeremy_Burton ,

I'm glad you figured it out!

Yes, this is a known issue, and we're looking at ways to better handle errors like this. I'll share your feedback with the product team. Thanks very much :slight_smile:


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