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What could be EVEN BETTER about Prismic tools that you use? Have an idea for a killer integration? Share it here! We’re excited to hear all your creative ideas and consider things we maybe hadn’t thought were important.

Ground rules to keep our engineers sane:

  • These aren't a Support threads - if you have current issues, please post appropriately elsewhere.
  • Please no “i want this too” type responses, use the ':heart:' button to show your support instead.
  • Please no “when is this coming” type responses. For large product features can see what we are currently working on in our Progress Page, if something is not there then it's not currently being worked on. Kit/tool fixes etc. are worked on a daily basis. To get updates on a topic set your notifications to tracking for that topic.
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  • Keep it positive - we all get frustrated sometimes, but these threads are not for venting.
  • Be Specific - Tell us exactly how changes you are suggesting would improve the product, the workflow, the UI, or whatever you feel could be better! The more time you spend outlining your use case the more likely we are to be able to properly consider your request.

We’re expecting that many of you will share awesome ideas - but we’re expecting that we won’t be able to implement some of them. That doesn’t mean they are bad ideas, but they might not fit with our roadmap. Doesn’t mean you aren’t smart. :smiley:

Let's go!

Using GraphQL Fragments and Slices together
New Slices - Sort Slice List to show most recent first
Add ability to include a Default Value to fields in the content builder
Fetch all documents in getStaticPaths with GraphQL
Slice machine - pricing component
Allow image uploading without opening the Media Library
Feature proposal: duplicate slice item
GeoPoint field zooming on scroll
Slice Zone UI within Writer Room has lost the third option (Slice Library) - Whats happenenin?
BUG: Using multiple labels not saving
Folders for Media
GraphiQL explorer
Custom order for repeatable - Drag&Drop
Re-importing updated translations - error
Users changed from Admin to Writer after upgrade (Publish disabled)
Be able to change names in media library
Rich Text field - Nested Lists
No cache header in https://static.cdn.prismic.io/prismic.min.js?new=true
Iterating Select values in template from other Document
Rich Text field - Nested Lists
Predicate Boolean Support for prismicio.core
Suggestion: Click through to relationship field document from where it's linked
Be able to change names in media library
Structured Text Error
Suggestion: Click through to relationship field document from where it's linked
Query by Multiple Values by Custom Field with Custom number of results for each field
Side bar instead of horizontal presentation of tabs in custom types
Adaptable Writing Room UI depending on content
Updating/Replacing a media file
Sort by combination of fields in Javascript API
Duplication of all Linked Documents
Filter result of grouped selects
Graphql get all language from settings
Determining which documents have changed with webhooks
Javascript lib - possible to send secret in body?
Content model migration CLI/API
Third party tool integration
Markdown Support
How to query the media library?
Request: Nested or grouped repeatable content within slices
Adding labels to images within rich text
Rich Text labels & Images
413 Request Entity Too Large
Querying Content Links and Slices
The uid field seems to auto fill based on the most recently updated text field
Importing more than 200 items per batch
RTL Bugs in Rich Text / WYSIWYG editor
How do I know which Rest API version I’m on?
How to create and use constants in prisimc
Non-registered external libraries over Git like NPM
Add Language/Multilingual endpoint in webhook
RichText Field : "link to a document" with an anchor tag
Insert non-breaking spaces in rich text
Default group field should not have an empty array entry on setup
Uid and uid_in are ignored when passed to _allDocuments
Sort by number within a group field
Documents lose Edit histories when moved to a release or when published
How to identify which document was updated via webhook
Repository Template
Can the Graph Query return last_publication_date?
MultiSelect Dropdown in prismic
Iterating Select values in template from other Document
UID This value is already used by another document
Inverse filters applied to Collections
The value of next_page and prev_page when calling api.query
Query all posts where a repeatable group contains a certain value
Creating a link to a "Media Item" doesn't provide target option
Accessing old UIDs via API
Custom type ordering in CMS?
Sorting documents?
Automate item creation
FetchLinks for alternate_languages
Additional block elements to the WYSIWYG?
Query for null dates
Can I seed repeatable groups with some starting items?
Automatically configure different Image views in Rich Text field
Show alt text in Media Library
Fields for all languages
How can I make a GraphQL search by using fulltext OR tags?
Unattained type change revert and loss of data
Importing a date does not work correctly
Media file replace
Better overview over slices
Dynamically filter options for one select based off another
Rest API or GraphQL..the way of the future?
Login with mobile device (Dashboard on smaller screens)
Locales + Languages
In-page Anchors
Why are Bookmarks a deprecated feature?
Link field relative
Enable Votes Feature in Feature Request Category
Prismic UI does not have paginated content for integration fields
Custom validation settings on fields?
Copy individual changes across locales OR non-localised fields?
Can you query by a custom integration field id?
Possible to query for content model schemas?
Feature requests collection
Customize Rich-Text-Editor format options with user-groups/roles
Query parsing error when no documents with a Link field value
Copy partial parts of content slices from one locale to another?
Create / edit documents linked through content relationship field
How to add title attributes for links
Change default font size of key text
GraphQL schema not updating
BUG: Problem with images in list items(in rich text widget)
Delete all unused media
Enable Votes Feature in Feature Request Category
Allow to save queries on API browser
Image crop missing zoom tools - am I missing something?
Hey Prismic People, please read this before posting!
[FIXED] Internal server error when using `where` field in GraphQL API
About the Features category
Give a feature to be able to add a repeatable anywhere
Change mock images
"Take screenshot" is not in desktop resolution?
Toolbar side loading unneeded Google font Source Code Pro

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