Hey Prismic People, please read this before posting!

What's the space for?

This community is where you can get in contact with the Prismic team and get a fast detailed response. We constantly monitor the channel and try to be as reactive as possible. It's also for you in the community to share any of your knowledge that might be helpful to other users.

Support Guidelines:

This is your main channel for getting help with all things Prismic. We (The Education & Support team) are always active here to help answer your questions, but don't be afraid to jump in and help each other if you think you can. Although there are some guidelines before you start:

  • Search first - Create a new post only after you've searched first.
  • Keep it positive - we can all get frustrated, but our team is working hard to help.
  • Be detailed - Give us much info as possible, more details = faster solution.

Feature ideas:

Got some killer ideas on how to improve Prismic? Let us know and we're always open to feedback. Please read out feature request guidelines before posting a new feature:

Feature activations:

If you need some of our Beta features or other services activated please check out our guide:

Sharing your work:

Made something cool with Prismic? Share it in our I Made This! section and let the rest of the community know just what can be achieved with a little hard work and a CMS.

That's the general idea, enjoy and thanks for taking part everyone!


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