Feature Activations (GraphQL, Integration Fields etc.)

This thread details how to request activation of the following Prismic features:

  • Integration Fields
  • Environments (Platinum Plan)

You can also ask for these 'action' requests:

  • Main locale changes
  • Deleting user accounts
  • Media removal requests

Features that are activated by default (Need activated on legacy repos):

How to request:

You can submit a request of one of these actions to be done using the Support Portal.

Go to the Prismic Support Portal.

Once you’ve logged in or signed up, you can select “Account & Repository Plan Requests”.

Next, select the between the options to request an update to your User Account, Feature Activation / Repository changes, or repository plan.

Last, fill out the appropriate form and click the “Send” button to send us your request. We’ll work to get back to you as quickly as we are able.


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