Import is not working for even the size of 10 douement

Hello ,

I try to importing respecting your import rules,size,document and structure.
I zipped it and uploaded it is successfully,
validated all the schema, and imported, it was spinning for importing for few mins... after again
it was showing the message that; Everything OK, import now...
The Import feature is very in-consistency. if I uploaded 1 document it is uploading, if I bundled ; 10 not at all importing. I have 2000 documents needs to be uploaded; Please help me ; it is really embarassing;

Hi, @salomonraj2000,

Welcome to the Prismic community,

I will try to investigate this issue with you, and to do so. Can you please share your repository name and the zip file of the documents you are trying to import in a private message so that I can reproduce the issue?

Also, it would be helpful to share a screen recording of the behavior you are getting and the error, if any (please look for the error in your browser console).

Looking forward to your reply,

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Hi, I have the same issue:

  • I have 300+ documents exported
  • I unzip the archive in order to create smaller bundles and zip them again
  • Import one of those bundles (even with only 1 JSON) into Prismic "Import your documents"
    => I get this error: We couldn't find any document in the archive. Was it a valid import file?

What can I do in such a case, please?

Update on this issue:

  • I've managed to successfully upload a compressed JSON file (without the folder) but it creates an empty release
  • I noticed some warnings regarding the media. Do we need to necessarily upload all the images before importing documents? How to export/import media in a bundle?

Hi @smartproxy,

Thanks for reaching out. Can you share with me (in a private message if necessary) your repository name as well as the files that you are trying to import?

And In fact, you can link to images that are located in your bundle, and Prismic will import them for you as far as I know.

Looking forward to your reply,

Thank you Fares, I've sent you a message.

Looking forward for your reply!

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Hello @smartproxy

I am taking it over as Fares is off today.

As my colleague already asked for:

  1. ZIp file you want to import (which is giving your error)
  2. Your prismic repo name.

You can send me a private message.