Getting fatal error when importing documents

When importing a batch of new documents to my prismic repository, some but not all of the documents are getting the error "1 fatal error", hovering over this it says "Unable to save". There is not any more detail than this so it is impossible to know why the document import is failing. When I check the documents before the import all the documents pass your initial check.

Hey @m.morgan, thanks for reaching out!

You can preview the document after importing it and sometimes it highlights the line where the error is found. Could you try and take a look at that and if you see the error? take a screenshot and share it in here with us so we can better understand what could be wrong.

Also, you need to make sure that each field is entered correctly, otherwise it'll break the import.

I did that. I am seeing no errors in the preview view. Screenshots attached.

Any update on this, still waiting for hear back.

Hey @m.morgan, I cannot see any error, as you say. Maybe It'll be better if I do a quick test on my side.

To do so, I'll need you to share with the (in a private dm) the name of your repository and the zip file with your documents?

[Update from private dm] in this case the imported documents had duplicated versions inside the import zip file, which were causing the files to break when trying to import them.

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