Broken svg when with and height is missing

Hi there!
We have an svg uploaded (a year ago) that has no width and height attribute in the svg-tag.

<svg version="1.1" xmlns="" xmlns:xlink="" x="0px" y="0px" viewBox="0 0 96 96" xml:space="preserve">
  • Since today (i think) this image is not displayed anymore on Chrome and i also get an error when i try to open it in the media area.
    Screenshot 2022-04-14 at 13.58.28

  • Also, I can't save a document that has this media assigned to it.
    Here is the error message of the response from the save-request:

Unable to save version: 
List(JsError(List((/key/value/edit/crop/x,List(ValidationError(error.expected.jsnumber,WrappedArray()))), (/key/value/origin/height,List(ValidationError(error.expected.jsnumber,WrappedArray()))), (/key/value/height,List(ValidationError(error.expected.jsnumber,WrappedArray()))), (/key/value/edit/crop/y,List(ValidationError(error.expected.jsnumber,WrappedArray()))), (/key/value/origin/width,List(ValidationError(error.expected.jsnumber,WrappedArray()))), (/key/value/edit/zoom,List(ValidationError(error.expected.jsnumber,WrappedArray()))))))

When i add the width and height attribute, it works well again.
So it works now for us, but it's strange that the image can't be displayed in Chrome (is displayed in firefox), it worked well in the last few month.


Hi Dominik,

This sounds like a known Chrome issue, maybe this thread can help: