Page Builder - Error with SVG upload

A number of SVGs were uploaded through the Page Builder modal and are now causing errors in the Media Library preventing them from being deleted. In the Media Library the thumbnail is loading correctly but when I click Details the page it brings me to is blank.

Is there a way to remove these images and prevent this issue from happening in the future?



We use SVGs extensively on our site for displaying geometric data.

It has worked great, and we acknowledge the limitation that SVGs aren't treated like images.

Recently, with the release of the Page Builder Beta, SVG uploads to the CMS don't appear:

Switching to the legacy builder, we upload the svg as usual and upon saving, it disappears from the image field.

Can you provide guidance? If there's a better avenue for reporting bugs, please let me know! Thank you!


Hi @nathan, @michael.nguyen,

Thank you for reporting the issue.
The Page Builder team has been working on fixing the SVG upload and the fix should be available in the coming days. I'll post a message here when it's available.

Until then, the workaround would be to switch to the Legacy Editor and upload/select the image from there and save the document. Then you could use the new Editor to edit other fields.
@michael.nguyen, when you tried this, did you select the SVG uploaded from the legacy Builder? It should be the one showing dimensions {width} x {height} px.

Regarding the deletion of the already uploaded svgs, the team is looking into it.



Hi @nathan, @michael.nguyen,

A new version of the Page builder has been deployed yesterday which solves the SVG upload issue.
Let us know in case you notice something wrong.

Thank you,