[Bug report] - (new interface) - Unsplash image refresh whole page/invisibe icons

Hi guys I have 2 things to report regarding new interface.

  1. Sometimes when Iam looking for image from Unsplash. The whole page is refreshed and all filled data are lost.

  2. New interface is looking great. But In our project most of the svg icons are white and its a nightmare to choose a correct icon... Please use the same background as in media library for svg etc.


Also experienced the first one with unsplash issue. For me personally it's working fine for a while, then it started acting up. Every time I finished typing the search field it refresh and went back to previous page, effectively lost all unsaved progress.

Hi team,

Thanks for reporting the issue regarding unsplashed. One of the team will take a look into it and we'll update this thread once the issue has been resolved.

@docmine regarding the SVGs this has been fixed for new uploads. Can you please try and re-upload some of your SVGs and confirm that is the case.