New media library features

Hello, I hope you are well.

I'v got a problem with the new interface. When i'm replacing an image the media popup does not have a checker background and i can't see my transparent white images. The name of the image is not showing too wich can be confusing. (see screenshot for exemple)

The group field config "repeat:false" option does not work anymore. I don't want my group field to be repeatable.

Can you help me with these 2 problems pls ?


I have exactly the same problem. Any news ?

Hi team,

Regarding the white background, this is something that will be fixed as part of the new Media Library (see the image below). We're aiming to ship a first version of this by the end of the year.

We are also aware of the issue with repeatable groups and will let you know when this is resolved.


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So you are not going to fix the issues we have while you deploy this new media library?

Currently you cannot select SVGs/Videos/transparent white images in the media selector.

This needs to be fixed asap since its a tiny change that needs to be added to make it usable.


Hi @finnursigu ,

The transparent SVG issue should be fixed now. Can you check on your repo?

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We're also fixing the issue related to other Media types (video, audio etc.) this week.

Hi! I have been experiencing the same/similar problem. The images won't upload. Instead a grey frame appears (see screenshot) The image I have been trying to upload 621 KB.

Hi Húrra,

This should be fixed this week.

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Any updates on fixing "repeat": false, for Group fields?

Hi @luke1 , it's currently not supported in Slice Machine and the Page Builder and is only available via the legacy custom type builder and legacy editor, if you want to use it. We haven't prioritised working on this in the Page Builder or Slice Machine. I will let you know on this thread when we have an update.

Hi @luke1 & @dev23 , just letting you know we fixed the issue in the Page Builder where the group field config "repeat:false" option was not being supported.

Please test it and let me know how you get on.


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"repeat": false is now available in the latest version of Slice Machine :slight_smile: