Having trouble accessing the media library

Anyone having issues accessing the media library?

When I log into prismic, and click on the project, my documents show up just fine. However, when I click on the Media Library icon, the page refreshes, and brings me right back to my documents page. I can access the media library from an image field on a page, however.

This is happening on two projects that I collaborate on.

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There definitely have been some “Stranger Things” kind of moments I’ve been experiencing in the page builder. I did have times when using the media library and switch to unsplash redirected me to document list as well. Other times I’d select an image in the media library and the “Add to page” button would become disabled. Then I’d deselect the image and the add button would activate. Refreshing the page seemed to resolve the issues. It was intermittent.

Experiencing the exact same issue as you right now. Haven't found a solution but my guess is that it is related to the Migration API they have rolled out.

I can't access the media library or upload new images either. The page keeps pushing me from prismic.io/builder/medias to prismic.io/documents/working

Correct. Same issue I'm experiencing here as well.

This should be resolved now :slight_smile:

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@Phil I'm not sure if this is fully resolved. I can now access the media library but the back button to return to Prismic isn't working. It also seems like the changes have forced rendered aspect ratios to change making images not show correctly on the front end.

Thanks @dmendelsohn. The team is on it and should have a fix for the back button not working ASAP. Regarding your second point, just so I understand correctly, the cropping is not working for you correctly? We should be releasing the height and width constraints in the Page Builder today so that the full suite of cropping features are available in the new media library.