Image Compression Pixelized problem

Hi! I uploaded pictures in the media highlight sections and the quality is very poor though my original image is the right size and the right quality. I tried to add SVGs, PNGs & JPG but nothing seems to work. Could you please help me out? It is in the inthenews section. Thank you!

Hello Jenna,

Couple of things to check:

  • What size is the image you are uploading, in pixels?
  • What size are you displaying it at, in pixels?
  • Does your image field in your Types define a size, or is it set to auto?
  • Do you have any image plugins being used?
  • What happens if you try removing the quality parameters from the returned image URL?

Hi thank you Marcello!

1.240 x 130 px
2. 240 x 130 px
3. I am not sure where to find my types, where can I find this?
4.only netifly I believe
5.Do you mean in the inspect tool? I do not have the option to custom code in my backend

Thank you very much!

Could you share the link to the image and page?

I was meaning this section in Prismic:

It'll be in https://<your-prismic-site-url>

I only have one option in this section!

That's fine, it means you haven't set up any image resizing.

Could you share a link to the page in question?

hi guys! following up on this problem please. The images are super oversized and I really don't understand why. I resized them so they fit perfectly the frame but it's not working :frowning:

Hi Jenna,

Sorry about the long delayed reply on this. This thread got lost in the pile.

It seems like the issue here is a css one on your websites front end. I turned off one css attribute on the 'epicenter' image and it fixes your issue:

Let me know if you need any further help.


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