High pixelation or white images


I sent this message in the Prismic tchat :

We have images, thumbnails, that appear pixelated or white on the site. The problem is most likely due to the format of the images (jpg or jpeg) and their size: we now have to use the png format and resize them in Photoshop before uploading them directly to prismic at the right size.

We have listed all the problematic images to modify them as we go along. That's when we realised that the problems (either high pixelation or white images) were appearing randomly: an image that works very well one day, may not work the next day when we publish it, and vice versa. So we went ahead and changed all the wrong format images and resized them on Prismic. All the images that were changed and published appear correctly.

As this randomness thing is a bit weird, we would still like to make sure with Primsic support that we are going in the right direction to solve this problem. What do you think?

The support answered me with this :

Hi Maelie,

Are you using Imgix integration with Prismic?

You can change the sizing and quality by changing =q for the image URLs that are coming from Prismic.

All our technical support has been moved to our forum. Do you mind creating a new thread on our community forum where our education team can help you troubleshoot it?

Thank you!

Si I created this thread as requested and asked the team to verify if we are using Imgix integration with Prismic. I hope I choose the right category for this post.

Thank you for your help,

Hi Maélie,

This is indeed the correct place to ask your questions.

I can also confirm Imgix is used on all Prismic images by default. This FAQ will explain more and might explain why your images are appearing strangely some time:

If that post doesn't answer your question, let me know and we'll explore this further together.


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