Image Size Problem

Hi! I uploaded pictures in the media highlight sections and the quality is very poor though my original image is the right size and the right quality. I tried to add SVGs, PNGs & JPG but nothing seems to work and it resized randomly. Could you please help me out? It is in the inthenews section. Thank you!

Hey Jenna, thanks for reaching out!

I'm supposing the section you’re talking about is one called "SKALE News Highlights". I checked the URLs of your images and found that there are width and height parameters that are forcing the images to stretch from its original size, e.g.,

This is the original one coming from your site

And if you remove the &w=24&h=130 params, the image returns to its original size:

So there's probably a problem with the original images not being sufficiently large to cover the components on your page.

Thank you very much for your reply Paulina! Though I am not sure how I can remove the params on the website. I see how to do it on the "inspect section"(developer tools) of the site but not the backend. Would any one be able to help me look into it? Thank you

I'm always more than happy to help!

Are you the developer in this project?

If not, you'll need the help from a dev to be able to modify this. The way you do it is: you save the url coming from Prismic in a variable and then you modify that url to your likings.

What you're seeing in the URL is an Imgix parameter. Adding Imgix parameters will allow you to modify / edit your images like you would do in an image editor.

Here I'll share with you an article that further explains how this works

let me know if I can help you with this or anything else

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