Image sizing issues


First off I am not a web developer, so bear with me.

I have been trying to add a customer logo to the partner's section of our website. The dev who built our website created the custom content blocks that house this content. No matter what I try I can't make this second customer logo match the size of the first customer logo.

I figured adding a new partner should be simple. I navigated to that page, then the partners section and selected "add element". The content blog appears, I add the image and other details, save, preview, and publish. The new logo is super small and does not match the scale of the older customer logo. I have tried editing the image(no success), I have gone into the custom type and configured the image field and edited responsive views(no success).

What am I missing? Nothing I do changes the actual size of the image

Hello @web6, welcome to the community!
This is probably an issue with the CSS of the image in the code. The field is probably expecting an image of the exact same size as the old one. Have you tried this?