Image Cache Issue

Hi there!

First of all, I'm not a web developer, but hoping to get some insight before reaching out to a developer (unfortunately ours who built the site is no longer available for maintenance so we're flying blind).

We seem to have an image cache issue and I'm wondering if it's on prismic's end vs needing a developer to fix. – the main image at the top seems to be stuck. We have uploaded another image, and it is not refreshing. If you go into another page and back to the homepage via logo on left, you'll see it changes. This is the updated image within the prismic backend but for some reason it is not updating on first load of the site.

Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks.

Hello team. Thanks for reaching out.

This problem is most probably related to the front-end of your site. We've answered a similar question recently:

This usually happens when your project is statically built. When you make changes to your documents, create, update, or archive, you need to rebuild your project for these changes to appear.

In this case, you'll require help from a dev to take a closer look at your project configuration.

Thanks Pau – I did read that article, but we have been successfully doing this every week for the last few years with no issues until this most recent change of the image and have never required any dev support for this. I don't believe it's statically built. Can you please take another look?

Hey team!

I checked out your site again, it is using Nuxt as a static site generator. This image and this other one come from your repository. You need to do two things. The first is to confirm if the old image still exists in your documents. If you have already removed it then it will be necessary to rebuild the project since the previous static version still uses the previous image.