Content not updating

Hi all,

While updating content its not getting updated in site. While checking in API browser updated content showing. Earlier it was perfect. Did we missing something?
Design changes also not getting updated in production. In local dev environment its working fine.
We are not using any caching since its in deployment state.

Hi @webdev3. I'm sorry that you're having issues with this and I hope we're able to help you out here. From what you've said so far, I'm not sure what the issue might be.

You said that your content is up-to-date in the API browser, so that means that everything is working on the Prismic side of things. So the issue must be with your deployment. And since you said that your design changes are also not being updated, then that also implies that there is an issue on your side. I unfortunately don't have any experience with EC2, so I'm not sure how I can help here.

Have you set up webhooks with Prismic to trigger a site rebuild when content is updated in Prismic?

No, I don't have any webhooks. I manually triggering the build. I just updated the API Key, then the content and design got updated.

Design changes mean changing the slice to a new one, which was not reflected earlier. After updating the API key it got updated and all my changes are reflected.

Ah okay, it sounds like that was the issue. I'm glad that everything is working now.

At this point, I would recommend looking into setting up Webhooks so that your content updates can trigger a rebuild of your site. This page talks about how that works with some other hosting services, so you would need to set this up in the same manner for EC2.

Let me know if you have any other questions about this.

Thanks, I'll take a look

Also I have another doubt.

After updating something and executing npm run build command in local its getting failed.
For this also I just changed Permanent access tokens then it works.

Did I missing anything? or need to update token on each release?

Hi @webdev3. I don't know why you would have had to change the access token, that's strange. The access tokens don't change. So, no, you don't need to change the token on each release.