Website not updating

Hi, I'm new to this. We have a company website and the person who managed it left so I kinda got roped into was all fine and I managed to add items to the website(update employees and customers) but all of a sudden it stopped showing the changes. I can publish and it says it does and I can see what I did but it will not update the website. Has been like this for months. Any idea what is wrong?

Hi @alli, thanks for reaching out.

My first guess is that this is an issue with your website application. Are you a developer? If not, have you reached out to your dev team about this? If so, have you done any troubleshooting on your side to investigate the issue?

That said, we can check if everything is working properly on the Prismic side of things. Can you provide the following?

  • A link to page where content isn't being updated
  • The link in Prismic for that page
  • A couple of examples of content that has been updated that you don't see on the site

If you don't want to share this publicly, you can send me a DM with this information.

Let me know if you have any questions about any of this.