Content not refreshing and webhooks dissapeared

We are having an issue with out application. Content does not seem to be publishing or updating. We have followed your troubleshooting instructions.

We also tried to create a new webhook and all the new old webhooks disappeared when we saved the new one. We are now unable to create new webhooks.

Any ideas on what we should look for or are there any issues with the system at the moment?

Hi Team,

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I’m sorry to hear your facing these issues, I’ll be happy to help.

Can you send me a private message with the URL of your repository so that I can investigate this? To do this just click my profile icon and then the message button.


Thanks, Phil

I have sent you a private message. We are also unable to create new webhooks

Thanks in advance


I’ve created an issue with the dev team and we are investigating this further.

For anyone else experiencing this issue. The team found the issue yesterday and our trying to resolve it, so it should be resolved very soon. Once I have the exact time I’ll let you know.

Hi Raul,

So a fix has been created and is in the 'review and testing' phase once this has been deployed I'll update you here.


Thanks, Phil
It would be good to understand why it happened and how it can be avoided in the future since it has stopped our workflow for almost two weeks now.