Webhooks delayed


It look like webhooks are delayed for more than 30 minutes.

It is hard to say exact delay because the settings page for webhook logs doesnt show times.

For us when we publish new content on prismic it takes more than 30 minutes for the webhook request to come to our server.

My apologies Ahto,

It seems this issue is unrelated to the other issue.

Thanks for sending me the information, I was able to check our logs and we’re are getting no errors for this action. Can you tell me more about how and where you’re project is deployed?


Look like issue has been fixed. I try again today morning and the webhook is firing right away.
We have a nodejs app that receives the webhook request and then fetches all new content from the api.

It has been working great in the past but yesterday we see a long delay after content update for the webhook request to come in. Manually we could always fetch new content from api as soon as it was published.

Could you add time column to the log of webhooks. it would be great help in these situations in the future.

OK, I’m glad it’s working now at least. I’ll add this to our feature request tracker so the team can consider implementing this field in the future.

Let us know if you have any other issues.