Caching of images

Hello everyone !
I am developing a site with VueJs and Prismic.
One of the pages of this site lists different projects. Each time the user hovers an item in the list a preview image is displayed.

I'm using the <PrismicImage> component, and when the user hovers over it, its field property is updated, which changes the image url.

I'd like to make sure that the number of requests is equal to the number of images, and that a new request isn't sent every time the user hovers over a project.

When inspecting the page in the Network tab of the Chrome Developer tool I see the mention (disk cache) in the Size column of the image call.
Does this mean that the image has been cached and there is no new call to the Prismic CDN?

Hello team. I'd think this isn't possible if the images all exist in the same documents as the rest of the content. If you render a page with text content, but there are also several images, then images will appear in the API response as well.