New Changes causes site not to update

Nothing wrong with my code initially, but after the UI refresh, which took me off guard actually, Content isn't being added to my site anymore. I'm using vue2 with prismic. Old images are showing and I can't add new images

Hi @thetutorialdoctor. This is very strange. I can't think of any reason why the new UI would cause your site to stop updating.

Have you checked your repository's API Browser to see if your new content is being served by the API? You can view your API Browser by going to Just make sure to replace your-repo-name with the ID of your repo.

If the API Browser is serving the new content, then everything is working properly on Prismic's side. If the API Browser isn't serving the new content, then this is an issue I haven't seen before and we'll need to investigate further.

My API is correct:

This is what I'm doing in vue:

<img v-if=""
class=" md:rounded-lg my-10 w-full object-cover" :src=""
<img v-else-if="" class="md:rounded-lg my-10 w-full object-cover"
:src="" alt="" />
<div v-for="(body_item, ndx) in body" :key="ndx">

This image isn't updating:


The condition renders one field in one case and the other in another case. The post_image_link.url was still there so it was showing and not the image from the else clause.

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@Levi This was the other original issue I was having. The Code isn't showing up.

<div v-if="body_item.slice_type=='code'" class="px-10 md:px-0">
<h3 class="mt-8 text-2xl font-semibold" v-if="body_item.primary.code_title[0]">{{ body_item.primary.code_title[0].text }}
<prismic-rich-text class="leading-8 mt-4" v-if="body_item.primary.code_description[0]"
:field="body_item.primary.code_description" />

<pre v-highlightjs class="mt-5 whitespace-pre-wrap break-words"><code class="javascript">{{ body_item.primary.code_snippet[0].text }}</code></pre>

This is another post before the change that does work: