[BUG] Can't filter by date properly on GraphQL

Hi. I think I found a bug relating to the filter functions on GraphQL.

I'm trying to show all "trips" that are on a specific month. In my query, I filter the trips by selecting a month; therefore, I filter by the range from day 0 to the final day of that specific month.

What I found is that when I filter this way it does so incorrectly. It gives me trips that are outside of that range.

Possible reproduction:

  • Create documents
  • Filter by month by providing a range like datefrom_after: "2023-07-01", dateto_before: "2023-07-30"

Hey @g.rosado, can you send us your repository's URL and full query so we can run a test?
You can send it in a message if you prefer. I send you a dm that you'll see in your inbox.

I've sent you a dm! Not sure if I did it correctly haha

I've received it. We can continue the conversation there.