BUG: Problem with images in list items(in rich text widget)

Hi, I found a pretty big bug in rich text widget. If you create list and add image in list item, then save document, go back to dashboard and open this document again. The picture has disappeared. What happened? In API you can't see the picture either.

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I can reproduce this. @Phil?

Hi Marcel,

Welcome to the community!

We have been made aware of this issue recently and have been discussing it.

This will not be a high priority, for now, because we are planning on revamping the Rich Text editor entirely, which will resolve this and improve the writer experience all round.

So for the moment it won’t be possible to add images in list items, until we make these all round improvements.

If/when we have any updates about this issue we will update you in this thread. :grin:


We’re really missing this ‘feature’. My company moved blog from netlify cms to prismic, bought a plan, but we can’t go to production without this. How much time do you need to refresh whole rich text editor? We’ll be forced to change a tool if takes to much time :confused:

I don’t have any hard ETA from the team on this, but it most likely won’t be very soon. I’m tagging the @features-team so that they can maybe give us a general ETA.

For now can you give me your exact use case for having images in list items and perhaps we can find a different way to model the content as a work around?

So we just want to move our all articles from netlify cms to prismic and we don’t want to change content.

Hi, have you any updates?

Hey Marcel,

It’s not currently being worked on, but we’ll let you know here if & when it’s decided to work on it.

So for now when any content that you migrate that has images in list items, it will need to be edited.

wow, I am also affected by this. in addition, I am not able to use headings inside a list item, even embed. A list item just acts like span element. It should act like a Richtext block, a StructuredText block, this is the way to solve this.

This will require change of API, but that should be the right thing. This is a pressing need, to be honest. Please guys, make life easier for us. :slightly_smiling_face:


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Hey Harrison,

Thanks for this extra information. I’ll add this extra use case of adding headings inside of the list items to the feature request. I wasn’t aware of this, so thanks for pointing it out.

Your suggestion for how it should work makes total sense too.

If/when the team has more information on how the plan to improve the rich text editor they will do so here.


Thanks @Phil, we are looking forward to the new editor.

This is being tracked as an open feature request.

If you have another use-case for this feature, you can 'Flag' this topic to reopen. Please use the :heart: button to show your support for the feature and check out our Feature Request Guidelines.


Our team is moving our old blog's posts to Prismic and we recently encountered this issue, too.
Is there any update on this topic? It's confusing that a rich text field has problem inserting image within other contents... :pensive:

Hello @kelly_ke, We don't have plans to tackle this yet, but our decision leans more towards preventing adding an image in the bullet item.