Bulk copy documents from one Repo to another in the same account

Hey team,
I just made a new repo for sandbox` environment under the same account for testing purposes.
Is there a way to bulk copy documents from another repo to the new one?

Thank you

Not anymore. They removed the existing export/import button functionality in the settings for no reason other than to prevent people from migrating out of this service to other services easily. What makes it more hilarious the "new" api they provided is in beta.. it's beyond stupid.

@patrickzsy I am working on the same thing in this thread: Migration API "[ { property: 'title', error: 'The value must be a string' } ]" Waiting for a full answer. They do offer environments but this should be achievable doing it this way.

You can download the json files via the API and then migrate from there. It is more efficient than previously as you are not restricted to 200 documents per download which was a massive headache for me. You don't have to click through the UI.

You are jumping to conclusions here.