Call_to_action error

thank you @Phil. On a related note about the slice-machine When I try to add modules from the slice machine into a custom type online everything seems to work until I publish then on the preview I see the followinf message

call_to_action error
Prismic API references a `slice_type` that could not be matched by the SliceZone.
Did you register libraries path correctly?

If you did, make sure this `slice_type` can be matched with one of your components.

OK, for that case it seems like you haven't created the Slice and its component locally or there's some sort of disconnect in how you added the Slice. Maybe you copy and pasted it into the Custom Type in Prismic?

That call-to-action slice is one of the built-in ones that seem to be available from Prismic. I am not sure if there is a package that I am supposed to use to link in the config in order to be able to take advantage of the pre-built slices.

Yes, this is one from the Essential Slices library. You'll need to install this package in your project to use it:

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