Could not find a component for Slice type “xxxx". Need help debugging please


I'm new to Prismic and relatively new to Nextjs too. I'm looking for some advice about how to debug this issue

I'm using the skyward-digital/next-starter-prismic. Everything in both local Slicemachine & the Prismic "cloud" side of things seems to be operating as expected.

Any help suggesting where I might look to narrow down the problem would be much appreciated.


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Hey @mitch, are you making sure the project has the latest version of Slice Machine?
You can upgrade it using: yarn add slice-machine-ui@latest

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Hey Mitch, I bet Dan Spratling might have some insight as this looks like his work.

Any thoughts @dan?

Hey @mitch!

I have a couple of guesses, but it'd be helpful to see the code you're working with

  1. Are you creating slices inside slices/general or slices/blog? Any other folders (including just slices) will need to be linked up in sm.json
  2. If you're following the pattern we've set in the slices/blog slice files, have you made sure you've updated the componentMap in slices/general/idojoHero/index.js so that it's correctly pulling in the components you're using? (see one of the blog slices on how this works)

If it's neither of those, I'll probably need further pointers to help figure out what's going wrong!