Can graphQuery fetch only the first item of a group field?

Hello there,

Quick question: Can graphQuery fetch only the first item of a group field?

Hi Cody,

When dealing with group fields or repeatable zones in Prismic, GraphQuery allows you to fetch the entire group but does not natively support fetching only a specific item, such as the first item of a group field directly in the query. Instead, it retrieves the full array of items in the group, and you would then need to select the first item from this array in your application code after receiving the data.

For example, if you have a group field named my.group_field and you only want the first item, you would specify in your GraphQuery to fetch my.group_field, retrieve the full list, and then programmatically extract the first item using your client-side language (like JavaScript, etc.).

Here's a basic example in JavaScript:

// Assuming 'response' is the JSON object returned from Prismic
const firstItemOfGroup = response.results[0][0];

This approach requires handling the data manipulation on the client side rather than limiting the data returned at the API level through the query.

I hope this helps.