Can not push changes since slicemachine update 0.7.1

Since updating to slicemachine 0.7.1, I can not push changes. I get the following error: {"err":"not-found","reason":"Could not find route "/api/push-changes""}

I have no reverted back and it works fine. However I feel this is because of the changes allowing users to delete prismic types and slices in 0.7+ as the older version that works does not try and make me push out of sync delete documents.

Hello @nathan.doore

Thanks for posting this to us.

If I understand correctly, you are trying to migrate to Slice Machine, and you find legacy Slices & Custom Types appearing as deleted. If so, you will need to create files for the legacy Custom Types in the local customtypes folder and paste them into your Custom Type JSON.

This will stop these deleted tags from appearing for Custom Types and Slices.